All "THAI HOUSE" products are created from the
original authentic Thai recipes with selected fresh
ingredients. No artificial color, flavour or additives are
used. The production process has been set up according to international standard and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP).
This will ensure the high quality and sanitary of our Thai House products.
Apart from delicious taste, the convenience packing ( Retort pouch ) of Thai House products is one of our
advantage against other competiters. Retort pouch is
certified from USFDA as Advance Technology Packing.
This type of flexible packages is made from aluminum foil and coated with high barrier sheet film. It resists to
high temperatures, high pressure and does not create
any chemical residual in food content which may be
a cause of cancer to human body. Consequently, our
package can keep the food in long shelf-life and still
maintain the traditional and wonderful taste of
incredible Thai dining.